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Central American Spanish

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  • Central American Spanish — (Spanish: español centroamericano ) is the general name of the Spanish language dialects spoken in the Central America. More precisely, the term refers to the Spanish language as spoken in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala,… …   Wikipedia

  • Central American Common Market — Spanish  Mercado Común Centroamericano (MCCA)        association of five Central American nations that was formed to facilitate regional economic development through free trade and economic integration. Established by the General Treaty on… …   Universalium

  • Central American Least Shrew — Conservation status Data Deficient (IUCN 3.1)[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Central American red brocket — Conservation status Data Deficient (IUCN 3.1)[1] …   Wikipedia

  • American Spanish — Spanish as used in Latin America. Abbr.: AmerSp * * * American Spanish UK US noun [uncountable] the form of Spanish spoken in the US Thesaurus: languageshyponym * * * American Spanish, the dialect of Spanish spoken in South and Central America… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Central American & Caribbean Tennis Confederation — (COTECC) Sport Tennis …   Wikipedia

  • Central American Cup 2011 — Copa Centroamericana 2011 Anzahl Nationen 7 (von 7 Bewerbern) Mittelamerikameister Honduras  Honduras (3. Titel) Austragu …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Central American States, Organization of — Spanish  Organización de Estados Centroamericanos (ODECA)        international organization formed in 1951 to reestablish regional unity in Central America. Member states are Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The… …   Universalium

  • Central American Integration System — Sistema de Integración Centroamericana Central American Integration System …   Wikipedia

  • Central American and northern Andean Indian — ▪ people Introduction  member of any of the aboriginal peoples inhabiting Central America (south from Guatemala) and the northern coast of South America, including the northern drainage of the Orinoco River; the West Indies are also customarily… …   Universalium

  • Central American Parliament — The Central American Parliament, also known by the abbreviation Parlacen (from the Spanish Parlamento Centroamericano ) is a political institution devoted to the integration of the Central American countries. This organization is a member of the… …   Wikipedia

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