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DOS (Disc Operating System)

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  • Operating system — Operating systems …   Wikipedia

  • Disk operating system — For the family of disk operating systems for the IBM PC compatible platform, see DOS. Disk Operating System (specifically) and disk operating system (generically), most often abbreviated as DOS, refers to an operating system software used in most …   Wikipedia

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  • DOS — das; : Abk. für gleichbed. engl. disc operating system> Plattenbetriebssystem, das dialogorientiert arbeitet (EDV) …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

  • DOS — abbr. Disc Operating System …   Dictionary of abbreviations

  • DOS — comp. abbr. Disc Operating System comp. abbr. Dix Operating System gen. abbr. Decision Outstanding abbr. Denial Of Service (attack) Syn: DoS abbr. Disk Operating System (OS, IBM, MS, PC, Apple, RCA Spectra 70) comp. abbr. Disk Operating System… …   United dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms

  • DOS Plus — (erroneously also known as DOS+) is an operating system written by Digital Research, first released in 1985. It can be seen as an intermediate step between CP/M 86 and DR DOS. It is able to run programs written for either CP/M 86 or MS DOS 2.11,… …   Wikipedia

  • DOS — This article is about the family of operating systems for IBM PC compatible computers. For other uses, see DOS (disambiguation). FreeDOS screenshot showing the command line interface, directory structure and version information. DOS, short for… …   Wikipedia

  • PC-DOS —   [Abk. für Personal Computer Disc Operating System, dt. »plattenorientiertes Betriebssystem für PCs«], die von IBM vertriebene Version des Betriebssystems DOS, die man von Microsofts Version (MS DOS) unterscheiden wollte. PC DOS u …   Universal-Lexikon

  • MS-DOS ® — MS DOS ®, das; [Kurzwort aus MicroSoft Disc Operating System; die Herstellerfirma Microsoft stellt den Namen aller von ihr produzierten Programme ein »MS« voran] (EDV): auf Personalcomputern mit Mikroprozessoren weitverbreitetes Betriebssystem:… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • MS-DOS — [ɛm ɛs...] das; Kurzw. aus engl. MicroSoft Disc Operating System> auf Personalcomputern mit Mikroprozessoren weit verbreitetes Betriebssystem (EDV) …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

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