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active katafront

  • 1 active

    ['æktɪv] 1. adj
    1) [+ person, life] 活跃的 [huóyuè de]
    2) (in organisation or campaign) 积极的 [jījí de]
    3) (concrete, positive) [+ step, support] 积极的 [jījí de]
    4) (operative) 活跃的 [huóyuè de]
    5) [+ ingredient] 速效的 [sùxiào de]
    6) [+ volcano] 活的 [huó de]
    2. n

    * the active — ( LING) 主动语态 [zhǔdòng yǔtài]

    * to play an active part or role (in sth) — 积极参加(某事)

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  • 2 万齐融

    Wan4 Qi2 rong2
    Wan Qirong (active c. 711), Tang dynasty poet
    * * *
    萬齊融|万齐融 [Wàn Qí róng] Wan Qirong (active c. 711), Tang dynasty poet

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  • 3 下滑

    【经】 fall; slide
    * * *
    v. glissade, slide down a steep slope; perform a sliding dance step
    * * *
    xia4 hua2
    sliding, slide
    * * *
    xià huá
    glide; gliding; letting down
    下滑发射机 glide-path transmitter;
    下滑轨迹 glide path; glide trajectory;
    下滑锋 catafront; katafront;
    下滑航迹 glide paths;
    下滑航迹着陆控制系统 glide path landing system;
    下滑角 {航空} gliding angle; glide angle; glide slope;
    下滑控制 gliding control;
    下滑面 downslide surface;
    下滑信标 glide-path localizer; glide-slope localizer (beacons);
    下滑信标天线 glide-path antenna;
    下滑着陆 glide landing
    * * *
    下滑|下滑 [xià huá] sliding slide

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  • 4 主动

    take the initiative; do something of one's own accord, driving, voluntarily
    * * *
    driving; initiative
    相关词组: 掌握主动
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. driving, energetic, initiative
    n. initiative
    v. take the initiative
    * * *
    zhu3 dong4
    to take the initiative, to do sth of one's own accord, spontaneous, active, opposite: passive 被動, 被动, drive (of gears and shafts etc)
    * * *
    zhǔ dòng
    (能够造成有利局面) initiative:
    主动作某事 do sth. on one's own initiative; do sth. of one's own accord;
    争取主动 try to gain the initiative; contend for the initiative;
    主动为人们做好事 be active in doing good to men;
    主动求婚(爱) take the initiative in courtship;
    她不愿意主动这么做。 She does not like to do so from her own initiative.
    他工作很主动。 He displays great initiative in his work.
    {机} driving
    主动安定面 active stabilizer;
    主动报价 unsolicited offers;
    主动备份 active redundancy;
    主动侧 master end; driving side;
    主动测量仪 in-process measuring instrument;
    主动重复 active redundancy;
    主动存储 {计} active memory;
    主动带菌者 active carrier;
    主动(制导)导弹 active missile;
    主动导航 active homing;
    主动电子对抗 {电子} active electronic countermeasures;
    主动多普勒速度传感器 active Doppler velocity sensor;
    主动舵 active rudder; main rudder;
    主动发育 {生} independent development;
    主动放大系统 active augmentation system;
    主动飞行 active flight;
    主动飞行阶段 burning phase;
    主动分禾器 active divider;
    主动分化 {生} independent differentiation;
    主动分析 active analysis;
    主动跟踪 active follow;
    主动跟踪系统 {航空} active tracking system;
    主动构件 driving member;
    主动辊 drive roll;
    主动红外探测系统 {工} active infrared detection system;
    主动滑轮 driving pulley; feed pulley;
    主动回忆 active recall;
    主动机构 driving mechanism;
    主动机械运动方向 driving direction;
    主动激光跟踪系统 active laser tracking system;
    主动棘轮 driving ratchet;
    主动级轮 stepped driving cone;
    主动假目标 active decoy;
    主动件 driving part;
    主动近接 active homing;
    主动开关脉冲调制器 active-switch modulator;
    主动抗(横)摇系统 {船} active antiroll system;
    主动雷达系统 active radar system;
    主动力 active force;
    主动链轮 drive sprocket;
    主动链轮轴 drive sprocket axle;
    主动免疫 active immunity;
    主动摩擦圈 driving friction ring;
    主动皮带轮 drive pulley;
    主动曲柄 driving crank;
    主动声纳 active sonar;
    主动绳轮 rim pulley;
    主动输运 active translocation;
    主动锁模 active mode locking;
    主动态 active voice;
    主动弹簧 drive spring; driving spring;
    主动探测系统 {工} active detection system;
    主动凸缘 drive flange;
    主动土推力 active thrust of earth;
    主动土压力 active earth pressure; active thrust of earth;
    主动卫星 active satellite;
    主动卫星姿态控制系统 active satellite attitude control system;
    主动相关器 active correlator;
    主动小伞齿轮 driving bevel pinion;
    主动小正齿轮 spur driving pinion;
    主动小锥齿轮 bevel drive pinion;
    主动小锥齿轮滚珠轴承 bevel drive pinion ball bearing;
    主动学习 active learning;
    主动寻的制导 active homing;
    主动遥感 active remote sensing;
    主动抑制 active inhibition;
    主动运输 active transport;
    主动注意 {心} active attention;
    主动装甲 active armour;
    主动锥形轮 driving cone pulley;
    主动追踪 active following;
    主动准双曲线伞齿轮 hypoid drive pinion;
    主动姿态控制系统 active attitude control system;
    主动自动化 master control automation;
    主动自动制(引)导 {航空} active homing;
    主动阻抑 active depression
    * * *
    主動|主动 [zhǔ dòng] to take the initiative to do sth of one's own accord spontaneous active opposite: passive ↑ 被動|↑ 被动 [bèi dòng] drive (of gears and shafts etc)

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  • 5 主动免疫

    zhu3 dong4 mian3 yi4
    active immunity
    * * *
    主動免疫|主动免疫 [zhǔ dòng miǎn yì] active immunity

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  • 6 主動

    take the initiative; do something of one's own accord, driving, voluntarily
    * * *
    adj. driving, energetic, initiative
    n. initiative
    v. take the initiative
    * * *
    zhu3 dong4
    to take the initiative, to do sth of one's own accord, spontaneous, active, opposite: passive 被動, 被动, drive (of gears and shafts etc)
    * * *
    主動|主动 [zhǔ dòng] to take the initiative to do sth of one's own accord spontaneous active opposite: passive ↑ 被動|↑ 被动 [bèi dòng] drive (of gears and shafts etc)

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  • 7 主動免疫

    zhu3 dong4 mian3 yi4
    active immunity
    * * *
    主動免疫|主动免疫 [zhǔ dòng miǎn yì] active immunity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 主動免疫

  • 8 人工

    man-made; artificial, manual work; work done by hand, manpower; man-day, manually
    * * *
    manpower; manual work
    【计】 aritificial
    【经】 labour
    相关词组: 口对口人工呼吸法
    * * *
    manpower; manual work
    * * *
    ren2 gong1
    artificial, manpower, manual work
    * * *
    rén gōng
    (人为的) man-made; artificial:
    人工湖 man-made lake
    (人力) manual work; work done by hand:
    用机器代替人工 install machines to replace manual labor;
    抽水机坏了, 只好用人工车水。 We had to move water by a chain pump because the electric pump had broken down.
    (工作量计算单位, 指一个人做工一天) manpower; man-day; a calculating unit of the amount of work done:
    修这条渠道要多少人工? How many man-days will be needed to construct this irrigation canal?
    人工矮化 nanization;
    人工白电平信号 artificial white signal;
    人工瓣膜 artificial valve;
    人工包装 hand-filling;
    人工爆炸 {地物} secondary reflection; shoot;
    人工备件 manual back-up unit;
    人工崩落 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工闭塞系统 manual block system;
    人工鼻 artificial nose;
    人工闭塞 manual block;
    人工闭塞装置 manual block apparatus;
    人工闭锁 manual block;
    人工变量 {计} artificial variables;
    人工剥离胎盘术 manual removal of placenta;
    人工补给地下水 {土} artificial recharge;
    人工哺乳 artificial suckling;
    人工哺乳婴孩 bottle baby;
    人工裁切 {地} artificial cut-off;
    人工采掘 hew;
    人工采苗 artificial seeding;
    人工采苗养殖 artificial spore-collecting cultivation;
    人工采光 artificial daylight;
    人工采试样 {采矿} hand sampling;
    人工操纵推进 man operated propulsion;
    人工草场 artificially sown pastures;
    人工草地 artificial pasture;
    人工产物 artefact;
    人工尘 manmade dust;
    人工陈化 artificial aging;
    人工成本 labor cost;
    人工成核 artificial nucleation;
    人工程序 manual program;
    人工池 {土} cistern;
    人工磁化法 artificial magnetizing method;
    人工充填 hand packing;
    人工重调 hand reset;
    人工抽样 artificial sampling;
    人工处理 manual handling;
    人工触发器 manual trigger;
    人工促进更新 artificial forcing regeneration;
    人工传染 artificial infection; regeneration;
    人工催育植物 forcing plant;
    人工存储器 manual memory;
    人工打捆 manual banding;
    人工打眼 hand-holing; kirn;
    人工单性生殖 artificial parthenogenesis;
    人工岛 artificial island;
    人工岛港 port island;
    人工等离子体云 artificial plasma cloud;
    人工低体温 artificial hypothermia;
    人工堤 artificial levee;
    人工地茎 artificial foundation;
    人工地平线 artificial horizon;
    人工地平仪 {航空} artificial horizon;
    人工地物 man-made features;
    人工地震 artificial earthquake; man-made earthquake;
    人工电报机 manual telegraph set;
    人工电报交换机 manual telegraph switching equipment;
    人工电离 {讯} artificial ionization;
    人工电位 artificial potential;
    人工电压调节器 manual voltage regulator;
    人工钓铒 artificial bait;
    人工港 artificial harbour;
    人工顶板 {采矿} artificial roof;
    人工冬眠 artificial hibernation;
    人工冬眠疗法 artificial hibernation therapy;
    人工读入 manual read;
    人工短路跳闸 fault throwing;
    人工耳 artificial ear;
    人工饵料 artificial food (stuff);
    人工发热 artificial fever;
    人工发热器 hypertherm;
    人工法 artificial process;
    人工方式 manual type;
    人工放顶 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工放射性 artificial radioactivity;
    人工放射性元素 artificial radioactive element;
    人工繁殖 artificial propagation;
    人工分群 {养蜂} snook swarming;
    人工分钟 man-minute;
    人工风化 {工} artificial weathering;
    人工辐射带 {地物} artificial radiation belt;
    人工孵化 artifical incubation;
    人工辅控植物群系 paranthropophytia;
    人工辅助授粉 artificial supplementary pollination;
    人工复位继电器 manual-reset relay;
    人工改变系统结构 manual reconfiguration;
    人工干预输入装置 manual data input equipment;
    人工干燥 artificial drying;
    人工肝 artificial liver;
    人工肛门 enteroproctia;
    人工感觉 {航空} artificial feel;
    人工港 {土} artificial harbor;
    人工更新 artificial regeneration;
    人工鼓包 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工骨料制备 manmade aggregate preparation;
    人工刮研 hand scraping;
    人工关节 joint prosthesis;
    人工灌注 artificial recharge;
    人工海岛 {采矿} artificial island;
    人工海水 artificial seawater;
    人工海滩 artificial beach;
    人工航行水道 navigation;
    人工核反应 artificial nuclear reaction;
    人工合成蛋白质 {生} synthetic protein;
    人工合成结晶胰岛素 {生} synthetic crystalline insulin;
    人工合成类晶石 spinel; spinelle;
    人工合成土 synthetic soil;
    人工合成种 hybrid synthesis;
    人工河 race;
    人工河道 (非) sloot;
    人工黑电平信号 artificial black signal;
    人工烘干 artificial drying;
    人工红外辐射源 artificial infrared source;
    人工喉 {医} artificial larynx;
    人工后天免疫 artificial acquired immunity;
    人工后援 manual back-up;
    人工呼吸 {医} artificial respiration; artificial breathing;
    人工呼吸器 artificial respirator; biomotor; spirophore;
    人工环境 artificial environment;
    人工环境生态学 hemerocology;
    人工混响 artificial reverberation;
    人工获得性免疫 {免疫} artificially acquired immunity;
    人工击碎 cobbing;
    人工极光 artificial aurora;
    人工计时 manual time-keeping;
    人工记录 manual record;
    人工加料 hand stock;
    人工监测仪 personal monitor;
    人工尖晶石 {矿} hope sapphire;
    人工检测雷达 personnel-detection radar;
    人工降低地下水 underground dewatering;
    人工降水 artificial precipitation;
    人工降雨机 artificial rain device;
    人工降雨装置 rainer;
    人工交换机 manual exchange; {讯} manual switchboard;
    人工礁 artificial reef;
    人工交配 artificial cross;
    人工浇铸 hand teeming;
    人工妊娠 artificial pregnancy;
    人工搅拌 hand stirring;
    人工接种 artificial infection; inoculation;
    人工接替 manual backup;
    人工截割 manual cut;
    人工解锁 manual release;
    人工进料 hand feed;
    人工举升 {油工} artificial lift;
    人工绝育 artificial sterilization;
    人工抗原 artificial antigen;
    人工空间电离干扰 artificial space ionization jamming;
    人工空中交通管制系统 manual air traffic control system;
    人工控制 manual control;
    人工控制器 manual controller;
    人工馈送穿孔机 hand-feed punch;
    人工老化 artificial aging;
    人工冷却 artificial cooling;
    人工裂解 artificial lysis;
    人工林 planted forest;
    人工流产 abactus; venter; induced abortion; abactio; artificial abortion; artifical miscarriage;
    人工流产法 abortion law;
    人工露头 artificial outcrop;
    人工煤气储柜 gas tank;
    人工密闭生态系统 artificial closed ecosystem;
    人工免疫 artificial immunity;
    人工免疫法 artificial immunization;
    人工磨矿 bucking;
    人工膜 artificial membrane;
    人工牧草 artificial grass;
    人工牧场 artificial pasturage;
    人工耐毒法 mithradatism; mithridatism;
    人工鸟巢 artificial nest;
    人工牛黄 calculus bovis factitius;
    人工培养 artificial rearing;
    人工培养基 synthetic medium;
    人工培养珍珠 cultured pearl;
    人工培育母蜂 artificial queen rearing;
    人工配种 {牧} artificial breeding;
    人工器官 artificial organ;
    人工气腹 pneumoperitoneum; artificial pneumoperitoneum (APP);
    人工气腹术 artificial pneumoperitoneum;
    人工气候 manmade climate;
    人工气候老化 artificial weathering aging;
    人工气候曝露试验 artificial weathering test;
    人工气候室 {植} phytotron; artificial climate chamber;
    人工气候台座 growth bench;
    人工气候箱 growth cabinet;
    人工气晖 artificial airglow;
    人工气胸 {医} artificial pneumothorax;
    人工气胸术 artificial pneumothorax;
    人工羟基云母 synthetic hydroxyl mica;
    人工强化地热发电站 artificial stimulated geothermal plant;
    人工切换 {电子} manual switching;
    人工全息图 artificial hologram;
    人工群落 {植} artificial community;
    人工热源照射法 ignisation;
    人工润滑 manual application of lubricant;
    人工色 technicolor;
    人工砂 manufactured sand;
    人工沙源滩 feeder beach;
    人工神经 artificial neuron;
    人工肾 artificial kidney;
    人工生态系(统) {环} artificial ecosystem;
    人工石板 {房} artificial flags;
    人工石墨 {冶} electrographite;
    人工时效 {冶} artificial aging;
    人工识别 artificial cognition; artificial perception;
    人工授粉 hand-pollinate;
    人工授精 {医} artificial insemination;
    人工授精器 impregnator;
    人工授精育种法 eutelegenesis;
    人工输入 manual input; manual read;
    人工输入寄存器 manual input register;
    人工输入设备 manual input unit; manual number generator; manual word generator;
    人工数据输入 manual data input;
    人工水道 dike;
    人工水驱 {油工} flooding; waterflooding;
    人工说 artificialism;
    人工饲料 artificial diet;
    人工饲育(喂) artificial feeding;
    人工太阳 artificial sun;
    人工天穹 artificial sky;
    人工填料 hand-stuff;
    人工调谐 manual tuning;
    人工通风 artificial draft; forced-air supply;
    人工同步 manual synchronization;
    人工同位素 man-made isotope;
    人工土丘 tepe;
    人工吸血管 bdellepithecium;
    人工系统 {自} manual system; man-made system;
    人工线 bootstrap; artificial line;
    人工消雾 artificial fog dissipation;
    人工消云 artificial cloud dissipation;
    人工小丘 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工小时法 labor hour method; men hour method;
    人工效率差异 labor efficiency variance;
    人工效应物 {组织} artifact;
    人工心瓣膜手术 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工心肺机 {医} heart-lung machine; artificial heart-lung machine;
    人工心脏 artificial heart;
    人工心脏瓣膜 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工旋压法 conventional spinning; {冶} manual spinning;
    人工选择 artificial selection;
    人工血管手术 blood vessel prosthesis;
    人工循环 artificial circulation;
    人工眼 artificial eye;
    人工养王 artificial queen rearing;
    人工养殖 artificial culture;
    人工养嚎场 stew;
    人工氧腹 oxyperitoneum;
    人工氧化铝 borolon;
    人工抑雹 hail suppression;
    人工抑制闪电 lightning suppression;
    人工异花授粉 palmification (枣椰的);
    人工译码系统 manual decode system;
    人工音量调整 hand volume control;
    人工引产 {医} induction of labour;
    人工引种植物 hemerophyte;
    人工隐蔽 {军} artificial concealment;
    人工影响降水 precipitation stimulation; rain stimulation by artificial means;
    人工影响气候 climate modification;
    人工影响天气 weather modification;
    人工油胸 {医} oleothorax;
    人工用量差异 labor usage variance;
    人工语言 artificial language; fabricted language; formal language; {自} synthetic language;
    人工越夏 artificial over summer;
    人工云母 synthetic mica;
    人工栽培放牧地 tame pasture;
    人工增殖 artificial fecundation;
    人工凿井 hand sinking;
    人工造林(法) artificial afforestation;
    人工造雪机 snowmaker;
    人工造雨 rainmaking;
    人工增甜剂 {食} artificial sweetener;
    人工战争对策模拟 manual battle simulations;
    人工照明 artificial lighting;
    人工整枝 artificial pruning;
    人工震源 artificial hypocenter; artificial seismic source;
    人工振铃 {讯} manual ringing;
    人工指 finger prosthesis;
    人工制 manual system;
    人工制品 artifact;
    人工重力 artificial gravity;
    人工重力模拟器 artificial gravity simulator;
    人工周转成本 cost of labour turnover;
    人工筑岛法(深基础施工时下沉井、沉箱用) artificial island method;
    人工转换(程序的) force;
    人工装罐 hand caging;
    人工装料 hand charging;
    人工装载 artificial loading;
    人工自动免疫 artificial active immunity;
    人工自花授粉 {植} illegitimate pollination;
    人工注水 artificial recharge;
    人工驻极体 manual electret;
    人工阻尼 artificial damping;
    人工嘴 artificial mouth
    * * *
    人工|人工 [rén gōng] artificial manpower manual work

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人工

  • 9 作战

    fight; conduct operations; do battle
    * * *
    campaign; do battle; fight; war
    【经】 fighting
    相关词组: 作战空域
    * * *
    campaign; do battle
    * * *
    v. conduct military operations, fight, war
    * * *
    zuo4 zhan4
    combat, to fight
    * * *
    zuò zhàn
    fight; conduct operations; do battle; show
    作战半径 fight radius;
    作战部队 combat troops;
    作战部署 operational preparations;
    作战程序 battle order;
    作战导弹 operational missile;
    作战地带 a zone of action;
    作战地图 battle map; operation map; combat chart;
    作战对象 opponent;
    作战方案 battle plan; line of action;
    作战方法 method of operation;
    作战方式 mode of operations;
    作战方向 direction of operation;
    作战方针 concept of operations; operational principles; operational policy;
    作战飞机 operational aircraft;
    作战纲要 operation field manual;
    作战火箭 service rocket;
    作战基地 operational base; base of operations;
    作战机场 active air base;
    作战技术 fighting technique;
    作战计划 combat plan;
    作战计划图 operation plan map;
    作战力量 combat forces;
    作战路线 battle route;
    作战命令 combat order;
    作战模拟 battle simulation;
    作战目的 purpose of operation;
    作战企图 intention of operation;
    作战情报中心 action information centre;
    作战区域 theatre of war;
    作战任务 task of operation;
    作战失踪(人员) missing in action (MIA);
    作战时机 timing for operation;
    作战态势 posture of operation; situation of operation;
    作战特点 characteristics of operation;
    作战小组 combat group;
    作战效能 fighting efficiency;
    作战型 combat version;
    作战形式 pattern of operation;
    作战行动 operation;
    作战行动半径 operational range;
    作战训练 combat drill;
    作战演习 war game;
    作战原则 operational principle;
    作战噪音 fighting noise;
    作战指导思想 guiding principle of operation;
    作战指挥 operational commanding;
    作战指挥部 operational headquarters;
    作战追击 operational pursuit;
    作战准备 operational readiness
    * * *
    作戰|作战 [zuò zhàn] combat to fight

    Chinese-English dictionary > 作战

  • 10 作用

    act on; affect; role, action; function, effect, purpose; intention; motive
    * * *
    affect; effect; intention; action; motive; operation
    【医】 action; effect; process; role
    【经】 role
    相关词组: 冰河作用
    * * *
    action; effect; function; operation; process
    * * *
    n. action, activity, function, effect, intention
    v. affect
    * * *
    zuo4 yong4
    to act on, to affect, action, function, activity, impact, result, effect, purpose, intent, to play a role, corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    zuò yòng
    (产生影响) act on; affect:
    摩擦力作用于运动着的物体, 并使其停止。 Friction acts on moving bodies and brings them to a stop.
    (产生影响的活动) action; function:
    反作用 reaction;
    化学作用 chemical action;
    酸对金属所起的作用 the action of acid on metal
    (影响; 效果) effect:
    副作用 side effect;
    积极作用 positive role;
    起作用 take effect
    (用意) intention; motive
    作用半径 action radius; effects radius; radius of action;
    作用泵 process pump;
    作用变量 actuation variable;
    作用变数 {物} action variable;
    作用层 active layer;
    作用场 {物} applied field;
    作用点 application point; point of action; working point; action spot;
    作用电流 action current;
    作用反作用定律{物} action-reaction law;
    作用范围 action range; reach; sphere of action;
    作用方式 mode of action;
    作用方式变化 mode change;
    作用风缸 application reservoir;
    作用杆 actuating rod;
    作用功率 operating power;
    作用光点 action spot;
    作用光谱 action spectrum;
    作用过程 mechanism (自然现象的);
    作用荷载 imposed load;
    作用弧 arc of action;
    作用机构 actuation gear;
    作用机理 mechanism of action;
    作用角 {机} angle of action;
    作用距离 operating distance; acceptance range;
    作用距离预报 range prediction;
    作用控制阀 application control valve;
    作用力矩 {物} opplied moment;
    作用量子 quantum of action;
    作用面 acting surface;
    作用期 action period;
    作用区 active region; zone of action;
    作用区域 zone of action;
    作用时间 action time; response time;
    作用速率 speed of action;
    作用物 agent;
    (矢量)作用线 position; line of action; action line;
    作用信号 actuating signal;
    作用因素 influencing factor;
    作用元件 functional element;
    作用张力 working tension;
    作用指示符 role indicator;
    作用周期 action period;
    作用子 cistron
    * * *
    作用|作用 [zuò yòng] to act on to affect action function activity impact result effect purpose intent to play a role corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 作用

  • 11 作用力

    acting force; strain
    * * *
    【化】 acting force
    * * *
    zuo4 yong4 li4
    effort, active force, applied force
    * * *
    zuò yòng lì
    acting force; applied force; apply force; effort
    作用力中心 centre of effort
    * * *
    作用力|作用力 [zuò yòng lì] effort active force applied force

    Chinese-English dictionary > 作用力

  • 12 假装

    act; pretend; feign; simulate; make believe; fake;mime, pretence
    * * *
    pretend; disguise; act; affect; assumption; feint; make as if; make believe
    【法】 disguise; faker; feign; make believe; personate; play; pretence
    pretend; sham; simulation
    * * *
    pretence; pretend; assumption; disguise; dissimulate; feign; feint
    * * *
    n. feint, simulation, affectation, disguise
    v. pretend, feign, simulate, make believe
    * * *
    jia3 zhuang1
    to feign, to pretend
    * * *
    jiǎ zhuāng
    pretend; feign; simulate; make believe; have an affectation; assume; look through one's fingers at; make as if; make a pretence of (to); put on; try (sth.) on; fake sth.:
    假装干某事 make a feint of doing sth.;
    假装不知道 feign ignorance;
    假装积极 pretend to be (politically) active; simulate enthusiasm;
    假装有兴趣 make a show of interest;
    他假装没有听见。 He made as though he didn't hear.
    他假装不知道那件事。 He pretends to know nothing about it.
    他快乐的样子是假装的。 His look of happiness is only assumed.
    * * *
    假裝|假装 [jiǎ zhuāng] to feign to pretend

    Chinese-English dictionary > 假装

  • 13 光合

    【医】 photosynthesis
    * * *
    guang1 he2
    * * *
    guāng hé
    {植} photosynthetic
    光合比值 {植} photosynthetic number;
    光合产量 photosynthetic yield;
    光合产物 photosynthate;
    光合反应 photosynthetic response;
    光合放氧 photosynthetic oxygen evolution;
    光合根 assimilative root;
    光合计 photosyntometer;
    光合链 photosynthetic chain;
    光合磷酸化 photophosphorylation;
    光合磷酸化酶 photophosphorylase;
    光合膜 photosynthetic membrane;
    光合能力 photosynthetic capacity;
    光合气体交换器 photosynthetic gas exchanger;
    光合色素 photosynthetic pigments;
    光合商 {植} photosynthetic quotient; photosynthetic ratio;
    光合生产率 photosynthetic productivity;
    光合速率 photosynthetic rate;
    光合体系 photosystem;
    光合物 photosynthate;
    光合细菌 photosynthetic bacteria;
    光合效率 photosynthetic efficiency;
    光合营养 phototrophy;
    光合有效辐射 photosynthetically active radiation;
    光合自养生物 photoautotroph; photosynthetic autotroph
    * * *
    光合|光合 [guāng hé] photosynthesis

    Chinese-English dictionary > 光合

  • 14 光纤

    * * *
    【计】 optical fiber
    * * *
    n. light, ray, optical fiber, fiber optic
    * * *
    guang1 xian1
    light, ray, optical, optical fiber, fiber optic
    * * *
    guāng xiān
    光纤保密器 fibre-optical scrambler;
    光纤串扰 fibre-optical cross-talk;
    光纤(辐射)剂量计 fibre-optical dosimeter;
    光纤管道镜 fibre-optical borescope;
    光纤核子硬化 fibre-optical nuclear hardening;
    光纤集中器 fibre-optical concentrator;
    光纤接头 fibre-optical splice;
    光纤拉制 fibre-optical drawing;
    光纤连接器 joints of optical fibre;
    光纤耦合功率 fibre-optical coupled power;
    光纤器件 optical fibre device;
    光纤色散 fibre-optical dispersion;
    光纤声传感器 fibre-optical acoustic sensor;
    光纤声纳 optical fibre sonar;
    光纤探头 fibre-optical probe;
    光纤通信 fibre-optical communication;
    光纤危害 fibre-optical hazard;
    光纤吸收 fibre-optical absorption;
    光纤有源连接器 fibre-optical active connector;
    光纤预制件 fibre-optical preform
    * * *
    光纖|光纤 [guāng xiān] optical fiber fiber optics

    Chinese-English dictionary > 光纤

  • 15 军人

    soldier; serviceman; armyman
    * * *
    armyman; soldier; soldiery; swordsman
    【法】 military personnel; soldier
    相关词组: 军人的
    * * *
    armyman; serviceman; soldier; soldiery; swordsman
    * * *
    n. serviceman, soldier, military man
    * * *
    jun1 ren2
    serviceman, soldier, military personnel
    * * *
    jūn rén
    soldier; serviceman; armyman:
    复员军人 demobilized soldier;
    现役军人 persons in active service;
    职业军人 a career (professional; occupation) soldier;
    残废军人 a disabled soldier; a crippled soldier;
    他看上去像一个军人。 He looks like a soldier.
    军人长大衣 cassock;
    军人大会 soldier's conference (of a company);
    军人家属 soldier's (army) dependants; armyman's family members
    * * *
    軍人|军人 [jūn rén] serviceman soldier military personnel

    Chinese-English dictionary > 军人

  • 16 军官

    * * *
    officer; wardroom
    * * *
    military officer; officer
    * * *
    n. officer
    * * *
    jun1 guan1
    officer (military)
    * * *
    jūn guān
    下级军官 junior officers;
    高级军官 high-ranking officers;
    海军军官 Naval officer;
    空军军官 Air Force officers;
    陆军军官 Army officer;
    军官同僚 one's fellow officers; brother officers;
    现役军官 officers on the active list;
    见习军官 officer on probation
    军官集会室 (舰上的) wardroom
    * * *
    軍官|军官 [jūn guān] officer (military)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 军官

  • 17 分子

    numerator (in a fraction), molecule
    member; element
    * * *
    element; member; molecule; numerator
    【计】 molecusar
    【化】 molecule
    【医】 molecule
    相关词组: 保守分子
    * * *
    molecule; numerator
    * * *
    adj. molecular
    n. numerator, molecule, elements, member
    * * *
    fen4 zi3
    members of a class or group, political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists), part
    fen1 zi3
    molecule, (math) numerator of a fraction
    * * *
    1) 分子
    fèn zǐ
    member; elememt:
    积极分子 activist; active member;
    先进分子 advanced element;
    落后分子 laggard;
    知识分子 intellectual
    另见 fēn zǐ。
    2) 分子
    fēn zǐ
    {数} numerator (in a fraction)
    {化} molecule:
    克分子 gram molecule;
    有极分子 polar molecule
    分子泵 molecular pump;
    分子比热 molecular specific heat;
    分子表面能 molecular surface energy;
    分子病 molecular diseases;
    分子病理学 {病理} molecular pathology;
    分子不对称性 molecular asymmetry;
    分子层 molecular layer;
    分子缠结 molecular entanglement;
    分子场 molecular field;
    分子沉(陷) molsink;
    分子驰豫 {物化} molecular relaxation;
    分子重排(作用) molecular rearrangement;
    分子臭氧化物 molozonide;
    分子传导性 molecular conductivity;
    分子磁体 molecular magnet;
    分子磁致旋光 molecular magnetic rotation;
    分子簇 molecular cluster;
    分子导电系数 molecular conductivity;
    分子缔合 {物化} molecular association;
    分子电导率 molecular conductivity;
    分子电流 molecular (electric) current;
    分子电路 molecular circuit;
    分子电路学 molecular circuitry;
    分子电性 electric property of molecule;
    分子电子学 molectronics; molecular electronics;
    分子定向 molecular orientation;
    分子动力学 molecular dynamics;
    分子发光 mulecular luminescence;
    分子反应式 molecular equation;
    分子仿生 molecular bionics;
    分子仿生学 molecular bionics;
    分子分布 molecular distribution;
    分子分离器 molecular separator;
    分子分散体 molecular dispersoid;
    分子分散性 molecular dispersivity;
    分子附着力 molecular adhesion;
    分子幅度 {分化} molecular amplitude;
    分子工程学 molecular engineering;
    分子构象 molecular conformation;
    分子古生物学 molecular palaeontology;
    分子光谱 {光谱} molecular spectrum;
    分子光谱学 {光谱} molecular spectroscopy;
    分子光学 {光} molecular optics;
    分子光致电离 molecular photoionization;
    分子轨道 molecular orbit;
    分子轨道对称守恒 conservation of symmetry of molecular orbital;
    分子轨道理论 molecular orbital theory;
    分子轨道模型 molecular orbital model;
    分子轨道图形 graph of molecular orbit;
    分子轨道形理论 molecular orbital pattern theory;
    分子轨函数 {物化} molecular orbital function;
    分子过滤器 molecular filter;
    分子壑 molecular sink;
    分子化合物 molecular compound;
    分子混沌 molecular chaos;
    分子混乱性假设 Stosszablansatz;
    分子激光器 molecular laser;
    分子极化 molecular polarization;
    分子极化度 {物化} molecular polarizability;
    分子积分 molecular integral;
    分子集成电路 molecular integrated circuit;
    分子集成组件 molecular integrated device;
    分子记忆 molecular memory;
    分子加成化合物 molecular addition compound;
    分子加速器 moletron;
    分子假说 molecular hypothesis;
    分子键 molecular link;
    分子胶体 molecular colloid;
    分子接合度 molecular connectivity;
    分子结构 molecular structure;
    分子结构架 skeleton;
    分子结晶 molecular crystalline;
    分子进化 molecular evolution;
    分子晶体 molecular crystal;
    分子抗磁性 {物化} molecular diamagnetism;
    分子扩散 molecular diffusion;
    分子扩散速率 molecular diffusion rate;
    分子扩散性 moleculalr diffusivity;
    分子类型分析 molecular type analysis;
    分子离解 molecular dissociation;
    分子离子 molecular ion; molion;
    分子离子峰 molecular ion peak;
    分子力 molecular force;
    分子流 molecular flow;
    分子流变学 molecular rheology;
    分子流动 molecular flow;
    分子氯 mol-chloric;
    分子滤器 molecular filter;
    分子弥散体 molecular dispersoid;
    分子密度 molecular density;
    分子命题 molecular proposition;
    分子模型 molecular model;
    分子膜 molecular film;
    分子能级 {物化} molecular energy level;
    分子能量 molecular energy;
    分子偶极子 {物化} molecular dipole;
    分子排列(布) molecular arrangement;
    分子胚胎学 molecular embryology;
    分子碰撞 molecular collision;
    分子频率 molecular frequency;
    分子频率标准 molecular frequency standard;
    分子平衡 molecular equilibrium;
    分子破裂 cracking of molecules;
    分子谱 molecular spectra;
    分子气体激光器 molecular gas laser;
    分子取向 molecular orientation;
    分子热 molecular heat;
    分子人类学 molecular anthropology;
    分子溶液 molecular solution;
    分子色散 molecular dispersion;
    分子设计 molecular design;
    分子射线 molecular ray;
    分子声学 molecular acoustics;
    分子生物电子学 molecular bioelectronics;
    分子生物物理学 molecular biophysics;
    分子生物学 molecular biology;
    分子式 molecular formula;
    分子双折射 molecular birefringence;
    分子顺磁性 {物化} molecular paramagnetism;
    分子速度 molecular velocity;
    分子速率分布律 molecular speed distribution law;
    分子碎片 molecular fragment;
    分子体积 molecular volume;
    分子团 micel; micella; micelle; micellae; molecular group; cluster;
    分子拖曳泵 {工} molecular drag pump;
    分子无性系 molecular clone;
    分子物理学 {物} molecular physics;
    分子吸收(附) molecular absorption;
    分子吸引 {物化} molecular attraction;
    分子吸着 molecular sorption;
    分子线 molecular line;
    分子消光系数 molecular extinction coefficient;
    分子泻流 molecular effusion;
    分子性 molecularity;
    分子旋光本领 molecular rotatory power;
    分子旋光度 molecular rotation;
    分子压力 molecular pressure;
    分子压力计 molecular pressure gage;
    分子氧络合物 molecular oxygen complex;
    分子遗传学 molecular genetics;
    分子因子 branching factor;
    分子引力 molecular attraction;
    分子印迹 molecular engram;
    分子云 molecular cloud;
    分子运动 molecular motion;
    分子运动假说 kinetic hypothesis;
    分子运动论 kinetic theory;
    分子运载体 molecular carrier;
    分子杂合 molecular hybridization;
    分子杂交 molecular hyridization;
    分子杂交技术 molecular hybridization;
    分子粘附 {物化} molecular adhesion;
    分子折叠 molecular folding;
    分子折射度 molecular refraction;
    分子真空泵 molecular pump;
    分子真空计 molecular vacuum gauge;
    分子振荡器 molecular oscillator; maser oscillator;
    分子振动 molecular vibration;
    分子蒸馏 molecular distillation;
    分子直径 {物化} molecular diameter;
    分子钟 molecular clock;
    分子转动 molecular rotation;
    分子阻止本领 molecular stopping power;
    分子组缨 micelle另见 fèn zǐ。
    * * *
    份子|分子 [fèn zǐ] members of a class or group political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists) part
    分子|分子 [fēn zǐ] molecule (math) numerator of a fraction

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分子

  • 18 动力

    motive power; power, motive (or driving) force; impetus;motivation
    * * *
    drive; motivity; power; dynamics; impetus; momentum
    【化】 power
    【医】 dynamia; dynamo-; ergo-
    【经】 motive power; power
    相关词组: 动力的
    * * *
    drive; dynamical; impetus; momentum; motivity; power
    * * *
    n. power, motion, propulsion, force
    * * *
    dong4 li4
    power, motion, propulsion, force
    * * *
    dòng lì
    (各种作用力) motive power; power; dynamic:
    产生动力 make power;
    原动力 motive power;
    蒸汽动力 steam power;
    从波浪中获得动力 obtain power from waves;
    流水可以产生动力来推磨。 Running water produces power to run mills
    (推动力量) motive force; driving force; impetus:
    这能成为促使社会前进的动力。 This can become a driving force for social advance.
    儿童学习需要动力。 Children need an impetus to study.
    动力泵 kinetic (power; power tire) pump;
    动力臂 power arm;
    动力边界值问题 dynamical boundary value problem;
    动力变量 {力} dynamical variable;
    动力冰川学 dynamic glaciology;
    动力病原论 dynamism;
    动力不稳定性 dynamic instability;
    动力参数 kinetic parameter;
    动力舱 piggyback pod;
    动力操纵杆 power-control rod;
    动力槽 {气象} dynamic trough;
    动力测验法 dynamoscopy;
    动力测验器 dynamoscope;
    动力车 {机} power car; motor vehicle;
    动力车间 powerhouse;
    动力冲程 power stroke;
    动力重整 {化工} power forming;
    动力触探 dynamic sounding;
    动力传动轴 power transmission shaft;
    动力传感器 dynamic pickup;
    动力传送 power transmission;
    动力锤 {工} power hammer;
    动力大地测量学 dynamic geodesy;
    动力单位 unit power;
    动力地貌学 dynamic geomorphology;
    动力地质学 dynamic geology;
    动力定额 ability rating;
    动力定型 dynamic stereotype;
    动力乏力 {生} adynamia;
    动力反馈稳定 dynamic feedback stabilization;
    动力反向 power reverse;
    动力反应堆 {核} power reactor;
    动力方程 kinetic equation;
    动力飞行 active flight;
    动力飞行阶段 powered period;
    动力辅助控制 power-assisted control;
    动力负载 line load;
    动力干线 power main;
    动力感 {动} kinaesthetic;
    动力高度 {物} dynamic (geodynamic) height;
    动力格筛 {采矿} power grizzly;
    动力耕作机 power tiller;
    动力工程 power engineering;
    动力工程学 dynamic engineering;
    动力工业 power industry;
    动力供给 {机} power feed;
    动力供应单元 power supply unit;
    动力估计 powering;
    动力关联 kinetic correlation;
    动力管道 power conduit;
    动力管系 power pipeline;
    动力灌溉机械 power-driven irrigation machinery;
    动力过载 dynamic overload;
    动力海洋学 dynamic oceanography;
    动力夯 power rammer;
    动力厚度 {海} dynamic thickness;
    动力滑台 power slide;
    动力化学变质作用 {地质} dynamo-chemical metamorphism;
    动力换能器 dynamic energy converter;
    动力回旋 {军} power traverse;
    动力机 power machine; engine; motor;
    动力机构 actuating unit;
    动力机械 motive power machine; power generating machine;
    动力机组 {机} power unit; power package;
    动力肌 dynamic (kinetic) muscle;
    动力集材 power logging (skidding);
    动力计算法 dynamic computation method;
    动力夹具 power operated jigs and fixtures;
    动力加热 {航空} dynamic (kinetic) heating;
    动力剪切机 power shears;
    动力减震器 {工} dynamic damper (detuner); dynamic vibration absorber;
    动力结构因素 dynamical structure factor;
    动力进给 power feed;
    动力精度 dynamic accuracy;
    动力经济 power economy;
    动力锯 power saw;
    动力控制 dynamic control;
    动力控制阀 {机} power control valve;
    动力扩容(作用) dynamic dilatation;
    动力联合 power link;
    动力联锁 power interlocking;
    动力练习 {体} power exercise with movement;
    动力链 power transmission chain;
    动力链锯 power chain saw;
    动力列车 power train;
    动力零面 level of no motion;
    动力流度 dynamic fluidity;
    动力煤 thermal coal;
    动力煤气 gas for motor fuel;
    动力弥雾机 motor atomizer;
    动力密封 dynamic seal;
    动力密封垫 {工} dynamic packing;
    动力模拟 represent dynamically;
    动力模拟器 dynamic simulator;
    动力模型 {工} dynamic model (mock-up);
    动力挠度 ride clearance;
    动力粘(滞)度 dynamic (kinetic) viscosity;
    动力粘度计量 dynamic viscosity measurement;
    动力粘性 dynamic viscosity;
    动力粘性系数 dynamic viscosity coefficient;
    动力刨煤机 activated plough;
    动力喷粉机 power duster;
    动力喷雾器 power sprayer;
    动力喷嘴 power jet;
    动力平衡 {力} dynamic (kinetic) equilibrium; balance of power; power balance; dynamic balance;
    动力平衡器 dynamic balancer;
    动力气候学 {气} dynamic climatology;
    动力气象学 dynamical meteorology;
    动力气漩 cyclone of dynamic origin;
    动力牵引车 power buggy;
    动力强度 dynamic strength;
    动力屈曲 dynamic buckling;
    动力驱动 {机} power-driven; power wheel drive;
    动力三轴仪 dynamic triaxial tester;
    动力设备 power equipment; PP (power plant);
    动力深度 dynamic depth;
    动力势差数 dynamical number;
    动力试验 dynamic test; power test;
    动力试验台 dynamic test stand;
    动力输出 power take-off (P. T. O.);
    动力输出装置 power take-off;
    动力输电铁塔 power transmission tower;
    动力输入轴 power input shaft;
    动力数字转矩计 dynamic digital;
    动力水头 hydrodynamic head;
    动力损失 power loss;
    动力索道集材 powered cable logging;
    动力弹性模量 dynamic elastic modulus;
    动力特性 dynamic characteristics (property);
    动力体 kinetoplast;
    动力调节器 power conditioner;
    动力调整 power setting torque meter;
    动力头式攻丝机 unit head tapping machine;
    动力透平 power turbine;
    动力土壤 dynamic soil;
    动力脱粒机 power (driven) thresher;
    动力稳定性 {力} dynamic stability;
    动力吸振 dynamic absorber;
    动力问题 dynamical problem;
    动力涡轮机 power turbine;
    动力系 dynamical system; power-train;
    动力系数 coefficient of impact;
    动力系统 {数} dynamical (power) system;
    动力系统模拟器 dynamic system simulator;
    动力系统消耗率 specific powerplant consumption;
    动力相似 dynamic similarity;
    动力消耗量 consumption of power; power consumption;
    动力小太阳 powersoletta;
    动力效率 dynamic efficiency;
    动力效应 dynamic effect;
    动力心理学 dynamic psychology;
    动力需求 power demand;
    动力循环 power cycle;
    动力训练 dynamic training;
    动力演化 dynamical evolution;
    动力液体 power liquid;
    动力因数 {航空} dynamic factor;
    动力应力 {统力} kinetic (dynamic) stress;
    动力油缸 actuator cylinder;
    动力原理 the motive power principle;
    动力源 power producer;
    动力载荷线 dynamic load line;
    动力增量 {机} dynamic augment;
    动力增殖反应堆 power breeder;
    动力站 power station;
    动力织机 power loom;
    动力织机直柱 sword;
    动力指示法 dynamophany;
    动力制动 dynamic braking;
    动力轴 line (power) shaft;
    动力轴系 power shafting;
    动力转向 {机} power-assisted (power) steering;
    动力转向泵 power steering pump;
    动力转向架 power truck;
    动力转向装置 power steering gear;
    动力转辙机 power point machine;
    动力装载机 {采矿} power loader;
    动力资源 power resource;
    动力组 power package;
    动力钻床 power drill
    * * *
    動力|动力 [dòng lì] power motion propulsion force

    Chinese-English dictionary > 动力

  • 19 劳动

    work; labour, physical labour; manual labour
    * * *
    labor; labour; physical labor; work; working; yakka
    【经】 labour
    相关词组: 雇佣劳动
    * * *
    housework; labor; laboring; labour; labouring; work; working
    * * *
    n. work, labour, labor, physical labor, manual labor
    * * *
    lao2 dong4
    work, toil, physical labor, CL:次
    * * *
    1) 劳动(恸)
    láo dòng
    (人类创造物质或精神财富的活动) work; labour:
    不劳动者不得食。 He who does not work, neither shall he eat.
    劳动创造世界。 Labour creates the world.
    劳动形成价值。 Labour creates value.
    (专指体力劳动) physical labour; manual labour
    劳动安全卫生法 law of labour safety and health;
    劳动保护 labour protection; job safety;
    劳动保护措施资金 funds for labour protection;
    劳动保护设施 labour safety devices;
    劳动保险 labour insurance;
    劳动保险金 labour insurance funds;
    劳动保险条例 labour insurance regulation;
    劳动保险制度labour insurance system;
    劳动产品(产物) products of labour;
    劳动成本 labour cost;
    劳动成果 fruit of labour;
    劳动持续时间 duration of work;
    劳动抽象 abstract labour;
    劳动大军 labour army;
    劳动定额 production quota; work norm; output standard; workpiece quota;
    劳动定员 fixed number of workers needed for a job;
    劳动对象 object of labour;
    劳动法 labour law;
    劳动分工 division of labour;
    劳动份额 labour quotas;
    劳动服 bawneen; denim;
    劳动服务费 labour service charge
    劳动服务公司 labour service company; service company;
    劳动负荷 work load;
    劳动妇女 working woman;
    劳动工分核算 accounting for work-point;
    劳动工具 instruments of labour;
    劳动工时测定 {工} rate fixing;
    劳动工资部门 authorities in charge of labour forces and wages; labour and wages administration;
    劳动工资计划 plans concerning manpower and pay scales;
    劳动工资制度 labour and wages system;
    劳动观念 attitude to labour;
    劳动管理 labour management;
    劳动过程 labour process;
    劳动合同 labour contract;
    劳动合同制 labour contract system;
    劳动积累 accumulation of labour; investment of labour;
    劳动技术密集性行业 labour and technology intensive industry;
    劳动纪律 labour discipline;
    劳动价值论 labour theory of value;
    劳动交换 exchange of labour;
    劳动介绍所 employment agencies;
    劳动经济学 labour economics;
    劳动竞赛 labour emulations; emulation campaign; emulation drive;
    劳动立法 labour legislation;
    劳动量 quantity of work; work output;
    劳动流动性 labour liquidity;
    劳动密集 {经} labour intensive;
    劳动模范 model worker;
    劳动能力 labour capacity; productive capacity;
    劳动年龄 labour-age; job age;
    劳动凭证 labour certificate;
    劳动潜力 labour potentialities;
    劳动强度 intensity involved in the labour; labour intensity; intensity of work; labour strength; intensity of labour;
    劳动权 right to work;
    劳动券 labour ticket;
    劳动热情 enthusiasm for labour;
    劳动人口 labouring population;
    劳动人民 labouring people; toiling masses;
    劳动人事制度 personnel system;
    劳动日 working day; workday; labour day;
    劳动审查 labour audit;
    劳动生产力 labour productive power;
    劳动生产率 labour productivity; productivity;
    劳动生产率计划 plan for labour productivity;
    劳动生产率增长速度 increment rate of labour productivity;
    劳动生产率指数 index number of labour productivity;
    劳动适龄人口 active labour force;
    劳动适应 adaptation of work;
    劳动市场 labour market;
    劳动市场分析 labour market analysis;
    劳动收入 labour income; income from work;
    劳动手段 means of labour; instruments of labour;
    劳动手套 mitt (mit);
    劳动熟练程度 skill of labour;
    劳动速率 rate of work;
    劳动态度 productive conscientiousness;
    劳动卫生 labour health;
    劳动效率 work (labour) efficiency;
    劳动心理卫生 labouring mental hygiene;
    劳动心理学 labour psychology;
    劳动性质 quality of work;
    劳动异化 alienation of labour;
    劳动英雄 labour hero;
    劳动优化组合 the optimum organization of labours;
    劳动争议 labour disputes;
    劳动政策 labour policy;
    劳动证件 labour certificates; labour note;
    劳动指数 labour productivity index;
    劳动制度 labour system;
    劳动制度改革 reform of the labour system;
    劳动仲裁制度 labour arbitration system;
    劳动专业化 labour specialization;
    劳动资料 instruments of labour; means of labour;
    劳动组织 organization of labour另见 láo dong。
    2) 劳动
    láo dong
    (敬) bother; trouble另见 láo dòng。
    * * *
    勞動|劳动 [láo dòng] work toil physical labor CL:↑ [cì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 劳动

  • 20 占线

    the line (of a telephone) is busy (or engaged); busy
    * * *
    the line's busy
    【计】 B
    * * *
    the line's busy
    * * *
    n. busy line
    the line is busy
    * * *
    zhan4 xian4
    busy (telephone)
    * * *
    zhàn xiàn
    {电话} The line's busy.; busy line; engaged line; busy
    占线测试(试验) busy test;
    占线灯 busy lamp (电话);
    占线吊牌 busy drop;
    占线计数 peg count;
    占线计数电路 peg count circuit;
    占线计数器 {工} peg count meter;
    占线继电器 busy relay; busy test relay;
    占线闪光信号 busy-flash signal;
    占线通道 {电} active channel;
    占线小时 Erlang; traffic unit;
    占线信号 engaged signal;
    占线信号灯 engaged lamp; visual busy-lamp;
    占线指示灯 busy lamp;
    占线指示器 busy indicator
    * * *
    佔線|占线 [zhàn xiàn] busy (telephone line)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 占线

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