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  • Aheria — The Aheria are a scheduled caste of India that number about 140,000. Their name means hunter. This was their main occupation prior to the 1920s. Since then they have become farmers.Most of the Aheria and Hindus and speak Hindi. However there are… …   Wikipedia

  • Bundi — potheruses1|the city in India Infobox Indian Jurisdiction native name = Bundi | type = city | latd = 25.44 | longd = 75.64 locator position = right | state name = Rajasthan district = Bundi leader title = leader name = altitude = 268 population… …   Wikipedia

  • Nayak (title) — Nayak, Nayaka, Nayakar, Nayakkar, Naik, Naiker, Naicker, Naickan, Naiken, Nayakkan, Naidu, Nayudu or Naidoo is a common title used by various caste and ethnic groups across India. They are all derivatives of the original Sanskrit Nayaka, meaning… …   Wikipedia

  • Chain (caste) — The Chain, sometimes also pronounced as Chai, are cultivating and fishing caste found in eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. They are a sub group within the larger Kewat communinity of North India.[1] Origin The Chai according to some traditions,… …   Wikipedia

  • Chero — Total population 161,000 [1] Regions with significant populations •  India Languages …   Wikipedia

  • Goriya — Total population 299,000 [1] Regions with significant populations •  Nepal • …   Wikipedia

  • Majhwar — The Majhwar are scheduled caste, found in North India. They are also known as Manjhi.[1] Contents 1 History and origin 2 Present circumstances 3 See also …   Wikipedia

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