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bicompact space

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  • Stone–Čech compactification — In the mathematical discipline of general topology, Stone–Čech compactification is a technique for constructing a universal map from a topological space X to a compact Hausdorff space beta; X . The Stone–Čech compactification beta; X of a… …   Wikipedia

  • compact — compact1 compactedly, adv. compactedness, n. compactly, adv. compactness, n. adj. /keuhm pakt , kom , kom pakt/; v. /keuhm pakt /; n. /kom pakt/, adj. 1. joined or packed together; closely and firmly united; dense; solid: compact soil …   Universalium

  • Compactification de Stone–Čech — En mathématiques, et plus précisément en topologie générale, la compactification de Stone–Čech (découverte en 1937 par Marshall Stone (en)[1] et Eduard Čech[2]) est une technique de construction d un espace com …   Wikipédia en Français

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