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  • Bisque (pottery) — Bisque, also biscuit, is a fired piece of unglazed ceramic ware. Depending on the technique and materials used, it is either the final article, such as dolls heads, or an intermediary stage before the article has a coating of glaze applied and is …   Wikipedia

  • bisque — I. noun Etymology: French Date: 1647 1. a. a thick cream soup made with shellfish or game b. a cream soup of pureed vegetables 2. ice cream containing powdered nuts or macaroons II. noun Etymology: French Date: circa 1656 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bisque —    Clay that has been fired once but not glazed. Also called biscuit …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • bisque —   n. point allowed to tennis player; stroke(s) allowed to golfer; extra turn allowed to croquet player; kind of rich thick soup; pottery fired but not glazed …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • Pottery — Pot and Pots redirect here. For Pot, see Pot (disambiguation). For POTS, see POTS (disambiguation). Unfired green ware pottery on a traditional drying rack at Conner Prairie living history museum …   Wikipedia

  • Porcelain — Fine China redirects here. For the band, see Fine China (band). This article is about the ceramic material. For other uses, see Porcelain (disambiguation). Chinese moon flask, 1723 35, Qing Dynasty …   Wikipedia

  • Glaze defects — are any flaws in the surface quality of a ceramic glaze, its physical structure, or its interaction with the clay body.Clay body/glaze interaction problemsMany Glaze defects are the result of a problem in the way that the clay and glaze interact …   Wikipedia

  • Ceramic glaze — Composite body, painted, and glazed bottle. Dated 16th century. From Iran. New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Glaze is a layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fired to fuse to a ceramic object to color, decorate, strengthen or …   Wikipedia

  • Raku ware — A 16th century black Raku style chawan, used for thick tea (Tokyo National Museum) File:Tea bowl with designs of pine boughs and interlocking circles, unknown raku ware workshop, Kyoto, 18th 19th Cent, Freer Gallery of Art.jpg Tea bowl with… …   Wikipedia

  • Esther Shimazu — is an American sculptor who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1957. Her grandparents were immigrant laborers from Japan. She attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa before transferring to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where she… …   Wikipedia

  • Hummel figurines — Hummel is a line of ceramic figurines based on the artistic style of German nun Maria Innocentia Hummel. Alongside Spain s Lladro, it is a world renowned series of products.HistoryThe Hummel figurines that Goebel is most famous for producing are… …   Wikipedia

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