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bottom chord

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  • chord — I. /kɔd / (say kawd) noun 1. a string of a musical instrument. 2. a feeling or emotion: to strike a chord. 3. Geometry that part of a straight line between two of its intersections with a curve. 4. Civil Engineering one of the main members which… …   Australian English dictionary

  • bottom-road bridge — noun : a bridge having its roadway carried on a floor system at the level of the lower chord in a truss bridge or at the bottom in a tubular bridge called also through bridge …   Useful english dictionary

  • Sixth chord — Sixth chords over C bass:  Play first inversion A minor chord …   Wikipedia

  • Half-diminished seventh chord — See also: Dominant seventh flat five chord half diminished seventh chord Component intervals from root minor seventh diminished fifth (tritone) …   Wikipedia

  • Diminished seventh chord — on C  Play ( …   Wikipedia

  • Minor chord — minor triad Component intervals from root perfect fifth minor third root …   Wikipedia

  • Barre chord — A barre chord ( E Major shape ), with the index finger used to bar the strings …   Wikipedia

  • Major chord — major triad Component intervals from root perfect fifth major third root …   Wikipedia

  • Guitar chord — A barre chord ( E Major shape ), with the index finger used to bar the strings. In music, a guitar chord is a chord, or collection of tones usually sounded together at once, played on a guitar. It can be composed of notes played on adjacent or… …   Wikipedia

  • Open chord — G major chord for guitar (open). An A major chord for guitar (barre) …   Wikipedia

  • So What chord — In jazz and jazz harmony, a So What chord is a particular rootless 5 note chord voicing employed by Bill Evans in the amen response figure [John Robert Brown (2004). Mel Bay s Concise History of Jazz , p.146. ISBN 0786649836.] to the head of the… …   Wikipedia

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