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  • 1 mist

    n. sis, duman, buğu, pus, karartı
    v. sis kaplamak, buğulamak, çiselemek
    * * *
    1. sis bastır (v.) 2. sis (n.)
    * * *
    (a cloud of moisture in the air but very close to the ground, which makes it difficult to see any distance: The hills are covered in thick mist.) ince sis, pus
    - misty
    - mistiness
    - mist over, up

    English-Turkish dictionary > mist

  • 2 steam

    n. buhar, istim, buğu, güç, enerji, öfke, hiddet
    v. buhar çıkarmak, buğulamak, buğulama yapmak, buharla çalışmak
    * * *
    1. su buharı 2. buhar çıkar (v.) 3. buhar (n.)
    * * *
    [sti:m] 1. noun
    1) (a gas or vapour that rises from hot or boiling water or other liquid: Steam rose from the plate of soup / the wet earth in the hot sun; a cloud of steam; ( also adjective) A sauna is a type of steam bath.) buhar
    2) (power or energy obtained from this: The machinery is driven by steam; Diesel fuel has replaced steam on the railways; ( also adjective) steam power, steam engines.) buhar enerjisi
    2. verb
    1) (to give out steam: A kettle was steaming on the stove.) buhar çıkarmak
    2) ((of a ship, train etc) to move by means of steam: The ship steamed across the bay.) buhar enerjisiyke hareket etmek
    3) (to cook by steam: The pudding should be steamed for four hours.) buharla pişirmek
    - steamer
    - steamy
    - steamboat, steamship
    - steam engine
    - steam roller
    - full steam ahead
    - get steamed up
    - get up steam
    - let off steam
    - run out of steam
    - steam up
    - under one's own steam

    English-Turkish dictionary > steam

  • 3 steam up

    v. buğu yapmak, buğulamak, buhar yapmak, coşturmak, kızdırmak, öfkelendirmek
    * * *
    (to (cause to) become covered with steam: The windows steamed up / became steamed up.) buharlanmak

    English-Turkish dictionary > steam up

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