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common channel interoffice signaling

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  • common-channel interoffice signaling —    (CCIS)    Digital technology used by AT&T to enhance ISDN; uses a separate data line to route interoffice signals to provide a faster call set up and more efficient use of trunks …   IT glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations

  • Common Channel Signaling — In telephony, Common Channel Signaling (CCS), in the US also Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (CCIS), is the transmission of signaling information (control information) on a separate channel from the data, and, more specifically, where that… …   Wikipedia

  • Signaling System 7 — Signaling System #7 (SS7) is a set of telephony signaling protocols which are used to set up most of the world s public switched telephone network telephone calls. The main purpose is to set up and tear down telephone calls. Other uses include… …   Wikipedia

  • CCIS — Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (Computing » Networking) * Centennial Centre For Interdisciplinary Science (Academic & Science » Universities) * Command and Control Information System (Governmental » Military) * Common Channel Inter office… …   Abbreviations dictionary

  • telephone — telephoner, n. /tel euh fohn /, n., v., telephoned, telephoning. n. 1. an apparatus, system, or process for transmission of sound or speech to a distant point, esp. by an electric device. v.t. 2. to speak to or summon (a person) by telephone. 3.… …   Universalium

  • Signalling System No. 7 — SS7 protocol suite OSI layer SS7 protocols Application INAP, MAP, IS 41... TCAP, CAP, ISUP, ... Network MTP Level 3 + SCCP Data link MTP Level 2 …   Wikipedia

  • Telephone exchange — A telephone operator manually connecting calls with cord pairs at a telephone switchboard. In the field of telecommunications, a telephone exchange or telephone switch is a system of electronic components that connects telephone calls. A central… …   Wikipedia

  • CCIS — abbr. Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (AT&T) acronym Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (Telephony) …   United dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms

  • Service Evaluation System — The Service Evaluation System (SES) was an Operations Support System developed by Bell Laboratories and used by telephone companies beginning in the late 1960s. Many local, long distance, and operator circuit switching systems provided special… …   Wikipedia

  • Blue box (phreaking) — An early phreaking tool, the blue box is an electronic device that simulates a telephone operator s dialing console. It functions by replicating the tones used to switch long distance calls and using them to route the user s own call, bypassing… …   Wikipedia

  • Phreaking — is a slang term coined to describe the activity of a subculture of people who study, experiment with, or explore telecommunication systems, like equipment and systems connected to public telephone networks. The term phreak is a portmanteau of the …   Wikipedia

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