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compliant (with)

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  • compliant — com‧pli‧ant [kəmˈplaɪənt] adjective LAW if something is compliant with a law or rule, it does what the law says it must: • The Rolls Royce engines are half as noisy as the other engines, making the planes compliant with the rules on noise levels… …   Financial and business terms

  • compliant — com|pli|ant [kəmˈplaıənt] adj [Date: 1600 1700; Origin: comply] 1.) willing to obey or to agree to other people s wishes and demands →↑comply ▪ For years I had tried to be a compliant and dutiful wife. 2.) made or done according to particular… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • compliant — /kəmˈplaɪənt/ (say kuhm pluyuhnt) adjective complying; yielding; obliging: *the women who are most compliant with sexist norms are awarded certain compensations. –anne summers, 1975. {comply + ant} –compliantly, adverb …   Australian English dictionary

  • compliant — ► ADJECTIVE 1) tending to be excessively obedient or acquiescent. 2) complying with rules or standards. DERIVATIVES compliantly adverb …   English terms dictionary

  • Compliant mechanism — In mechanical engineering, compliant mechanisms are flexible mechanisms that transfer an input force or displacement to another point through elastic body deformation. These are usually monolithic (single piece) or jointless structures with… …   Wikipedia

  • Compliant Tower — A compliant tower (CT) is a fixed rig structure normally used for the offshore production of oil or gas. The rig consists of narrow, flexible (compliant) towers and a piled foundation supporting a conventional deck for drilling and production… …   Wikipedia

  • compliant — compliantly, adv. /keuhm pluy euhnt/, adj. 1. complying; obeying, obliging, or yielding, esp. in a submissive way: a man with a compliant nature. 2. manufactured or produced in accordance with a specified body of rules (usu. used in combination) …   Universalium

  • compliant — com•pli•ant [[t]kəmˈplaɪ ənt[/t]] adj. 1) complying; obeying, obliging, or yielding, esp. in a submissive way: a person with a compliant nature[/ex] 2) cvb cmp manufactured or produced in accordance with a specified body of rules (usu. used in… …   From formal English to slang

  • compliant — adjective a) Willing to comply; yielding; bending; pliant; submissive; willing to do what someone wants. The suspect was compliant when arrested. b) Compatible with or following guidelines, specifications, rules …   Wiktionary

  • compliant — adjective 1》 disposed to agree with others or obey rules, especially to an excessive degree; acquiescent. 2》 meeting or in accordance with rules or standards. 3》 Physics having the property of compliance. Derivatives compliantly adverb …   English new terms dictionary

  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 — The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 [ with disabilities act of 1990 ada 42 u s code chapter 126 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990] ] (ADA) is the short title of United States… …   Wikipedia

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