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epithelial pearl

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  • epithelial pearl — noun : a small firm body that is translucent like a pearl and is formed within an epithelioma * * * Pathol. pearl1 (def. 8) …   Useful english dictionary

  • epithelial pearl — Pathol. pearl1 (def. 8). * * * …   Universalium

  • pearl — pearl1 pearler, n. pearlish, adj. pearllike, adj. /perrl/, n. 1. a smooth, rounded bead formed within the shells of certain mollusks and composed of the mineral aragonite or calcite in a matrix, deposited in concentric layers as a protective… …   Universalium

  • pearl — 1. A concretion formed around a grain of sand or other foreign body within the shell of certain mollusks. 2. One of a number of small tough masses, such as mucus occurring in the sputum in asthma. 3. SYN: keratin p …   Medical dictionary

  • Pearl — Raymond, U.S. biologist, 1879–1940. See P. index. * * * pearl pərl n 1) PERLE 2) one of the rounded concentric masses of squamous epithelial cells characteristic of certain tumors 3) a miliary leproma of the iris 4) a rounded abnormal mass of… …   Medical dictionary

  • pearl cyst — a cyst or a solid mass of epithelial cells in the iris caused by implantation of an eyelash, cotton, or other foreign particle …   Medical dictionary

  • carcinoma — Any of various types of malignant neoplasm derived from epithelial cells, chiefly glandular (adenocarcinoma) or squamous (squamous cell c.); the most commonly occurring kind of cancer. [G. karkinoma, fr. karkinos, cancer, + oma, tumor] Like other …   Medical dictionary

  • Cyst — A closed sac or capsule, usually filled with fluid or semisolid material. * * * 1. A bladder. 2. An abnormal sac containing gas, fluid, or a semisolid material, with a membranous lining. SEE ALSO: pseudocyst. [G. kystis, bladder] adventitious c.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Nacre — Mother of pearl redirects here. For other uses, see Mother of pearl (disambiguation). Part of a series on Seashells …   Wikipedia

  • Mikimoto Kōkichi — In this Japanese name, the family name is Mikimoto . Mikimoto Kōkichi (御木本 幸吉? …   Wikipedia

  • mollusk — molluskan, molluscan /meuh lus keuhn/, adj., n. mollusklike, adj. /mol euhsk/, n. any invertebrate of the phylum Mollusca, typically having a calcareous shell of one, two, or more pieces that wholly or partly enclose the soft, unsegmented body,… …   Universalium

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