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  • Known Space — is the fictional setting of several science fiction novels and short stories written by author Larry Niven. It has also in part been used as a shared universe in the Man Kzin Wars spin off anthologies sub series.The epithet Known Space is an in… …   Wikipedia

  • Had I but known — is a form of foreshadowing that hints at some looming disaster in which the first person narrator laments his or her course of action which precipitates some or other unfortunate series of actions. Classically, the narrator never makes explicit… …   Wikipedia

  • Known-plaintext attack — The known plaintext attack (KPA) is an attack model for cryptanalysis where the attacker has samples of both the plaintext (called a crib), and its encrypted version (ciphertext). These can be used to reveal further secret information such as… …   Wikipedia

  • Known quantities — Quantity Quan ti*ty, n.; pl. {Quantities}. [F. quantite, L. quantitas, fr. quantus bow great, how much, akin to quam bow, E. how, who. See {Who}.] [1913 Webster] 1. The attribute of being so much, and not more or less; the property of being… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Most Known Unknown — Studio album by Three 6 Mafia Released September 27, 2005 …   Wikipedia

  • If I Had $1000000 — Infobox Single Name = If I Had $1000000 Artist = Barenaked Ladies from Album = Gordon Released = 1993, 1996 Format = CD, 12 , 7 , cassette Recorded = 1992 Genre = Alternative rock Length = 4:27 Label = Reprise Records Producer = Barenaked Ladies …   Wikipedia

  • If You Had Wings — Infobox Disney ride name= If You Had Wings caption= park=Magic Kingdom land=Tomorrowland designer=WED Enterprises manufacturer=WED Enterprises type=Dark Ride theme=Flight control system= propulsion= soft opened= opened=June 5, 1972cite book |… …   Wikipedia

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb — For Paul McCartney s song, see Mary Had a Little Lamb (Paul McCartney song). For the 1961 British comedy film, see Mary Had a Little.... Mary Had a Little Lamb Roud #7622 Ma …   Wikipedia

  • Niðhad — Völund s smithy in the centre, Níðuð s daughter to the left, and Níðuð s dead sons hidden to the right of the smithy. Between the girl and the smithy, Völund can be seen in an eagle fetch flying away. From the Ardre image stone VIII. King Niðhad …   Wikipedia

  • If You Had My Love — Infobox Single Name = If You Had My Love Artist = Jennifer Lopez Album = On the 6 B side = No Me Ames (Tropical Remix) Released = May 11, 1999 Format = CD single, CD maxi single, cassette single, 12 maxi single Recorded = 1999 Genre = Dance pop,… …   Wikipedia

  • Old McDonald Had a Farm — is a children s song about a farmer named McDonald (or MacDonald) and the various animals he keeps on his farm. Each verse of the song changes the name of the animal and its respective noise. In many versions, the song is cumulative, with the… …   Wikipedia

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