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he managed to take advantage

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  • take — v. & n. v. (took; taken) 1 tr. lay hold of; get into one s hands. 2 tr. acquire, get possession of, capture, earn, or win. 3 tr. get the use of by purchase or formal agreement (take lodgings). 4 tr. (in a recipe) avail oneself of; use. 5 tr. use… …   Useful english dictionary

  • First-move advantage in chess — The first move advantage in chess refers to the inherent advantage of the player (called White) who makes the first move in chess. Chess players and theorists generally agree that White begins the game with some advantage. Statistics compiled… …   Wikipedia

  • To take in hand — Hand Hand (h[a^]nd), n. [AS. hand, hond; akin to D., G., & Sw. hand, OHG. hant, Dan. haand, Icel. h[ o]nd, Goth. handus, and perh. to Goth. hin[thorn]an to seize (in comp.). Cf. {Hunt}.] 1. That part of the fore limb below the forearm or wrist in …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • WrestleMania XIV — Infobox Wrestling event name=WrestleMania XIV tagline=dX raided promotion=World Wrestling Federation date=March 29, 1998 venue=Fleet Center city=Boston, Massachusetts attendance=19,028 lastevent= nextevent=Mayhem in Manchester event=WrestleMania… …   Wikipedia

  • History of Landsbanki — In establishing Landsbanki, the Icelandic parliament hoped to boost monetary transactions and encourage the country’s nascent industries. Following its opening on 1 July 1886, the bank s first decades of operation were restricted by its limited… …   Wikipedia

  • Luke Spencer and Laura Webber — Spencer are fictional characters and the signature supercouple from the American daytime drama General Hospital .cite news| first=Abby| last=West | title=Luke and Laura: 17 Great Soap Supercouples|publisher= Entertainment Weekly |accessdate=2008… …   Wikipedia

  • Laura Spencer — Infobox soap character name = Laura Spencer series = General Hospital first = 1974 last = cause = gender = Female creator = Bridget and Jerome Dobson portrayer = Genie Francis parents = Gordon Gray (biological father, deceased) Lesley Williams… …   Wikipedia

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  • Grand Duchy of Lithuania — The Grand Duchy of Lithuania ( lt. Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė, old literary Lithuanian: Didi Kunigiste Letuvos , Ruthenian: Wialikaje Kniastwa Litowskaje, Ruskaje, Żamojckaje , la. Magnus Ducatus Lituaniae, be. Вялікае Княства Літоўскае,… …   Wikipedia

  • Luke Spencer — Infobox soap character series = General Hospital name = Luke Spencer series = General Hospital caption = first = November 1978 creator = Douglas Marland portrayer = Anthony Geary gender = Male spouse = Tracy Quartermaine (married) [05/2005+]… …   Wikipedia

  • World Bowl VII — World Bowl 99 (or World Bowl VII) was NFL Europe s 1999 championship game. It was played in Rheinstadion in Düsseldorf, Germany on June 27, 1999. The match up was between the 6 4 Frankfurt Galaxy and the 7 3 Barcelona Dragons. 39,643 fans were in …   Wikipedia

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