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lightweight material

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  • lightweight — ► NOUN 1) a weight in boxing and other sports intermediate between featherweight and welterweight. 2) informal a person of little importance. ► ADJECTIVE 1) of thin material or build. 2) informal having little importance …   English terms dictionary

  • Material derivative — The material derivative[1][2] is a derivative taken along a path moving with velocity v, and is often used in fluid mechanics and classical mechanics. It describes the time rate of change of some quantity (such as heat or momentum) by following… …   Wikipedia

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol — The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP;  /ˈɛld …   Wikipedia

  • lightweight — light|weight1 [ˈlaıt weıt] n 1.) someone who has no importance or influence, or who does not have the ability to think deeply used to show disapproval ≠ ↑heavyweight ▪ an intellectual lightweight 2.) a ↑boxer who weighs less than 61.24 kilograms …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • lightweight — noun 1》 a weight in boxing and other sports intermediate between featherweight and welterweight. 2》 informal a person of little importance or influence: he was regarded as a political lightweight. adjective 1》 of thin material or build. 2》… …   English new terms dictionary

  • composite material — noun strong lightweight material developed in the laboratory; fibers of more than one kind are bonded together chemically • Hypernyms: ↑material, ↑stuff …   Useful english dictionary

  • Composite material — A cloth of woven carbon fiber filaments, a common element in composite materials Composite materials, often shortened to composites or called composition materials, are engineered or naturally occurring materials made from two or more constituent …   Wikipedia

  • All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment — The All Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment, or ALICE, was introduced into United States Army service in 1974 to replace the M 1956 Load Carrying Equipment [LCE] and M 1967 Modernized Load Carrying Equipment [MLCE] . History Nylon s …   Wikipedia

  • China National Building Material Company — 中国建材股份 Type State owned enterprise Industry Infrastructure Founded 1984 Headquarters …   Wikipedia

  • New Zealand disruptive pattern material — NZ DPM with Webbing The New Zealand disruptive pattern material, also known as the New Zealand DPM, is the official camouflage uniform used by the New Zealand Armed Forces. It is very similar to the British Disruptive Pattern Material.… …   Wikipedia

  • Scrim (material) — The term scrim has two separate meanings in terms of fabric. In each case, it refers to woven material, one a finely woven lightweight fabric widely used in theatre, the other a heavy, coarse woven material used for reinforcement in both building …   Wikipedia

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