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low energy

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  • low-energy — adj. Low energy is used with these nouns: ↑bulb, ↑light …   Collocations dictionary

  • Low energy transfers — Low energy transfers, or low energy trajectories, are routes in space which allow spacecraft to change orbits using very little fuel. These routes work in other systems, such as traveling between the satellites of Jupiter. The drawback of such… …   Wikipedia

  • Low-energy electron diffraction — (LEED) is a technique used to characterize the structures of surfaces.History =Davisson and Germer s discovery of electron diffraction= The development of electron diffraction was closely linked to the progress of quantum mechanics and atomic… …   Wikipedia

  • Low-energy electron microscopy — Low energy electron microscopy, or LEEM, is a technique used by surface scientists to study surface structure at mesoscopic scale on conducting and semiconducting materials. It is based on imaging the electrons elastically scattered from the… …   Wikipedia

  • Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy — ( LEACH ) is a routing protocol in wireless sensor networks (WSNs).The goal of LEACH is to provide data aggregation for sensor networks while providing energy efficient communication that does not predictably deplete some nodes more than… …   Wikipedia

  • Low-energy house — A thermogram compares the heat radiation of the windows and walls of two buildings: sustainable low energy passive house (right) and conventional leaking house (left) See also: Passive house A low energy house is any type of house that from… …   Wikipedia

  • Low-energy vehicle — A Low energy vehicle is any type of vehicle that uses less energy than a regular petroleum fuel vehicle. Higher efficiency can be achieved by changing the vehicle s design, and/or by modifying its powertrain. Energy consumption as low as 5 12.5… …   Wikipedia

  • Low-energy ion scattering — LEIS redirects here; for the Hawaiian garland see Lei (Hawaii). Low energy ion scattering spectroscopy (LEIS), sometimes referred to simply as ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS), is a surface sensitive analytical technique used to characterize the …   Wikipedia

  • Low Energy Dance Music — Infobox Album | Name = Low Energy Dance Music Type = Album Artist = Elephant Micah Released = February, 2002 Recorded = Louisville, Kentucky Genre = Lo fi/indie Label = Landmark Records Reviews = * Sponic Zine Rating|4|5… …   Wikipedia

  • Low Energy Electron Diffraction — Dieser Artikel wurde den Mitarbeitern der Redaktion Physik zur Qualitätssicherung aufgetragen. Wenn Du Dich mit dem Thema auskennst, bist Du herzlich eingeladen, Dich an der Prüfung und möglichen Verbesserung des Artikels zu beteiligen. Der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • low-energy compounds — compounds yielding relatively low levels of free energy on hydrolysis, such as adenosine monophosphate, glucose 1 phosphate, and glucose 6 phosphate. Cf. high energy c s …   Medical dictionary

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