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members methods

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  • members' methods — A term used by ethnomethodologists to refer to the methods by which people make sense of activities to themselves …   Dictionary of sociology

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  • Consultation Document on the Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive and for Forming the LegCo in 2012 — Participants HK Govt., LegCo, Pan democrats, pro Beijing camp Location Hong Kong Date 18 November 2009 – June 2010 Result …   Wikipedia

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  • Committee on Department Methods — The Committee on Department Methods, popularly known as the Keep Commission, was appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905. The Commission s members were Charles H. Keep, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Chairman of the Commission …   Wikipedia

  • Voting methods (parliamentary) — Voting methods in parliamentary procedure are the methods used in a deliberative assembly to take a vote. Common Voting methodsViva voceA vote by voice is the regular method of voting on any motion that does not require more than a majority vote… …   Wikipedia

  • Calendar-based methods — Infobox Birth control name = Calendar based methods width = 270 caption = An illustration of the Standard Days Method. This method may be used by women whose menstrual cycles are always between 26 and 32 days in length bc type = behavioral date… …   Wikipedia

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