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  • out of proportion — index disparate, disproportionate, extreme (exaggerated), inapt, incommensurate, inept (inappropriate) …   Law dictionary

  • out of proportion — phrasal : disproportionately, excessively as the speed of a plane approaches … 750 miles an hour the amount of power needed … increases out of all proportion G.R.Harrison * * * in the wrong relation to the size, shape, or position of other things …   Useful english dictionary

  • out of proportion — ► in (or out of) proportion 1) according (or not according) to a particular relationship in size, amount, or degree. 2) regarded without (or with) exaggeration. Main Entry: ↑proportion …   English terms dictionary

  • out of proportion — adjective Not in a proper or pleasing relation to other things, especially in terms of size. I only said that she wasnt as young as she used to be, and her response was out of proportion …   Wiktionary

  • out of proportion — Synonyms and related words: abnormal, absurd, anomalous, asymmetric, disparate, disproportionate, ill adapted, ill assorted, ill chosen, ill fitted, ill matched, ill sorted, ill suited, ill timed, improper, inadequate, inadmissible, inapplicable …   Moby Thesaurus

  • out of proportion — not in proportion, exaggerated …   English contemporary dictionary

  • blow out of proportion —    If you exaggerate the importance of something, you blow it out of proportion.     The importance of the event was blown out of proportion by the media …   English Idioms & idiomatic expressions

  • in (or out of) proportion — according (or not according) to a particular relationship in size, amount, or degree. ↘regarded without (or with) exaggeration. → proportion …   English new terms dictionary

  • blown out of proportion — see ↑proportion • • • Main Entry: ↑blow …   Useful english dictionary

  • blow out of proportion — verb To overreact to or overstate; to treat too seriously or be overly concerned with. I dont think we need to blow it out of proportion. Theres a problem, and we should fix it …   Wiktionary

  • blow it out of proportion — exaggerate it, make it bigger than it should be    When Gretzky was traded, the media blew it out of proportion …   English idioms

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