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peach tree

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  • peach-tree — peachˈ tree noun • • • Main Entry: ↑peach …   Useful english dictionary

  • peach tree — noun cultivated in temperate regions • Syn: ↑peach, ↑Prunus persica • Hypernyms: ↑fruit tree • Member Holonyms: ↑Prunus, ↑genus Prunus • Part Meron …   Useful english dictionary

  • Peach-tree borer — Peach Peach (p[=e]ch), n. [OE. peche, peshe, OF. pesche, F. p[^e]che, fr. LL. persia, L. Persicum (sc. malum) a Persian apple, a peach. Cf. {Persian}, and {Parsee}.] (Bot.) A well known high flavored juicy fruit, containing one or two seeds in a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Peach Tree Inn — (Сент Джордж,США) Категория отеля: 2 звездочный отель Адрес: 111 Coners Drive, Сент Джордж, SC …   Каталог отелей

  • Peach Tree Inn — (Брэнсон,США) Категория отеля: 2 звездочный отель Адрес: 2450 Green Mountain Drive, Branson The …   Каталог отелей

  • Peach Tree Inn & Suites — (Fredericksburg,США) Категория отеля: 2 звездочный отель Адрес: 401 South Wa …   Каталог отелей

  • Peach Tree Inn — (Сан Луис Обиспо,США) Категория отеля: 2 звездочный отель Адрес: 2001 Monterey Street …   Каталог отелей

  • Peach Tree War — The Peach Tree War (1655 1660) took place in the province of New Netherland. According to popular belief it began when a young squaw, detected stealing peaches from the orchid of a Dutch farmer on Manhattan, was shot. Her family sought blood… …   Wikipedia

  • peach tree borer — noun : any of several moth larvae that are destructive to peach trees, boring in the wood usually near ground level; especially : a white brown headed grub that is the larva of a blue black orange marked clearwing moth (Sanninoidea exitiosa) and… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Peach Tree Creek — Bataille de la Peachtree Creek Bataille de la Peachtree Creek Few battlefields of the war have been strewn so thickly with dead and wounded as they lay that evening around Collier s Mill. (Union Major Gen. J.D. Cox) Informations générales Date le …   Wikipédia en Français

  • peach tree borer — noun Date: 1850 a blue black clearwing moth (Synanthedon exitiosa syn. Sanninoidea exitiosa) with the female having an orange band on the abdomen and whose white brown headed larva bores in the wood of stone fruit trees (as the peach) …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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