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  • carrel — is a private cubicle for study in a library (20c) and is a revival of a much earlier use denoting a small enclosure or study in a monastery in medieval England, a meaning which died out with the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16c …   Modern English usage

  • Carrel — Car rel, n. (Arch.) 1. Same as 4th {Carol}. [1913 Webster] 2. a table partitioned by vertical boards into small areas where an individual may read or study with minimal distraction from activities nearby. They are used especially in libraries.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • carrel — 1590s, from M.L. carula small study in a cloister, perhaps from L. corolla little crown, garland, used in various senses of ring (e.g. of Stonehenge: þis Bretons renged about þe feld, þe karole of þe stones beheld, 1330); extended to precincts… …   Etymology dictionary

  • carrel — ► NOUN 1) a small cubicle with a desk for a reader in a library. 2) historical a small enclosure or study in a cloister. ORIGIN apparently related to CAROL(Cf. ↑caroller) in the obsolete sense «a ring or enclosure» …   English terms dictionary

  • carrel — or carrell [kar′əl] n. [ME caroll < ML carula, small study in a cloister] a small enclosure or space in the stack room of a library, designed for privacy in studying or reading …   English World dictionary

  • Carrel desk — A carrel desk is a small desk (usually) featuring high sides meant to visually isolate its user from any surroundings either partially or totally. They were a predecessor to the more recent cubicle desk. Description Carrel desks are most often… …   Wikipedia

  • Carrel , Alexis — (1873–1944) French surgeon Carrel received his medical degree from the university in his native city of Lyons in 1900. In 1902 he started to investigate techniques for joining (suturing) blood vessels end to end. He continued his work at the… …   Scientists

  • Carrel, Alexis — born June 28, 1873, Sainte Foy lès Lyon, Fra. died Nov. 5, 1944, Paris French surgeon, sociologist, and biologist. He received a 1912 Nobel Prize for developing a way to suture (stitch) blood vessels and laid the groundwork for further studies of …   Universalium

  • carrel — UK [ˈkærəl] / US [ˈkerəl] noun [countable] Word forms carrel : singular carrel plural carrels a small enclosed area in a library, usually containing a desk and a chair for one person to study at …   English dictionary

  • carrel — /kar euhl/, n. 1. Also called cubicle, stall. a small recess or enclosed area in a library stack, designed for individual study or reading. 2. a table or desk with three sides extending above the writing surface to serve as partitions, designed… …   Universalium

  • Carrel — /keuh rel , kar euhl/; Fr. /kann rddel /, n. Alexis /euh lek sis/; Fr. /ann lek see /, 1873 1944, French surgeon and biologist, in U.S. 1905 39: Nobel prize 1912. * * * ▪ furniture       cubicle or study for reading and literary work; the word is …   Universalium

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