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system security

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  • System Security Authorization Agreement — A System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA), is an information security document used in the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to describe and accredit networks and systems. The SSAA is part of the Department of Defense Information… …   Wikipedia

  • Domain Name System Security Extensions — Internet protocol suite Application layer BGP DHCP DNS FTP HTTP …   Wikipedia

  • Control system security — is the prevention of intentional or unintentional interference with the proper operation of industrial automation and control systems. These control systems manage essential services including electricity, petroleum production, water,… …   Wikipedia

  • True System Security Tweaker — Вид главного окна приложения Тип …   Википедия

  • Domain Name System Security Extensions — DNSSEC im TCP/IP‑Protokollstapel: Anwendung DNSSEC Transport UDP TCP Internet IP (IPv4, IPv6) Netzzugang Ethernet …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Distributed System Security Architecture — or (DSSA) is a computer security architecture that provides a suite of functions including login, authentication, and access control in a distributed system. To differ from other similar architectures, the DSSA architecture offers the ability to… …   Wikipedia

  • Domain Name System Security Extensions — DNSSEC (« Domain Name System Security Extensions ») est un protocole standardisé par l IETF permettant de résoudre certains problèmes de sécurité liés au protocole DNS. Les spécifications sont publiées dans la RFC 4033 et les suivantes… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Security Information Management — (SIM) is the industry specific term in computer security referring to the collection of data (typically log files; e.g. eventlogs) into a central repository for trend analysis. SIM is a relatively new idea, pioneered in 1999 by a small company… …   Wikipedia

  • Security software — is a generic term referring to any computer program or library whose purpose is to (help) secure a computer system or computer network.* Antivirus software * Cryptographic software * Firewall * Spyware remover * Any Operating system security… …   Wikipedia

  • System Mechanic — Внешний вид System Mechanic Тип Утилиты Разр …   Википедия

  • System Ninja — Внешний вид главного окна System Ninja Тип Утилиты Разработчик …   Википедия

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